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of president obama's big win but all is not lost. there are still ways to make money over the next four years, we promise, regardless of the chaos in d.c. and we'll tell you exactly how. >>> plus it is officially full speed ahead towards the fiscal cliff. get ready. two months to go. no solution in sight. we'll talk exclusively to the one member of the bipartisan fix the debt campaign on the key to make sure the economy doesn't fly over the edge, please. >>> price-gouging runs rampant in the wake of superstorm sandy from gas to generators to bread, new york attorney general eric schneiderman says he has heard enough and he is here in another fox business exclusive to explain just how he is cracking down. even when they say it is not, it is always about money. melissa: first let's take a look at the day's market headlines of the bears went on a campaign after last night's election. stocks posted their worst day of the year with investors spooked over fiscal cliff fears as well as renewed concerns over europe's debt crisis. that didn't go away by the way. the dow plunged 312 points, closing bel
obama won the first time. you have to admit, they have managed a nice comeback since then. it will be okay. the question is, do's market selloff is it a one-day fluke or indicative of things to come? here to start us off on this one is united advisors chief market strategist scott martin. scott, what does the future hold? >> probably a very big dose of volatility, melissa. thanks for pointing out we didn't lose as much as we did four years ago. melissa: right. >> it is still a loss. i love to look for you to the silver lining. this is the issue. you mentioned in the tease at the beginning. this fiscal cliff that looms ahead, not that far ahead. only a couple months away if that. there is certainly no resolution in sight. one of those things we'll play chicken with the u.s. economy. we'll play chicken with the u.s. consumer and probably not get anything done. that is the uncertainty that looms over the market more than anything. melissa: here is the question people are asking me today, on election day, stocks are movng higher. it seemed pretty obvious during theay that bara
to energy policy? >> to independence on foreign energy sources. >> who will obama a point* to the court? i am told we are going over a cliff. but that does nothing compared to the rate at -- real threat. what will we see? tonight. >> i am ready for thenext four years because i have my crystal ball i will see what happens. first pundits will scream about the fiscal cliff a series of tax increases going into affect january 1st unless they work out a deal. they will. i can see it. they will meet, press conferences and predict disaster then reach a deal. it will not solve much but then the media will move on. america will continue to go broke. if i too cynical? and no. worse than that says congressman ron paul. predict the fure. >> the future looks good peop know that what we have today is not workable but short-term the people will not admit we're bankrupt or on the verge of a major major change in our society. but they will destroy the dollar were reinforced to change our system of financing. it could be big. not quite as bad as the soviet system but changes are to come. true bankruptcy mean
it is a combination of president obama, elizabeth warren, alan grayson, newly invigorated democratic party is making bankers very nervous. do you think? are we really in that much trouble? are they being spoil sorts? with me steve moore editorial board member and senior economics writer at "the wall street journal." thanks for joining us. >> great to be with you. melissa: i know you're out selling so many books. nice to stop by. i hope you have one you can sort of hold up? we'll find one. >> i have a autographed copy for you, melissa. i promise. melissa: thank you. what do you think about this? is this the worst election of wall street in the history of the universe? >> i want to correct kind of a conventional wisdom that you repeated, melissa, that drives me crazy. oh, the reason the market really dropped so dramaticly this is the worst two day session in a year or so. people say the reason this is happening is impending fiscal cliff. wait a minute, melissa. not like all of sudden people woke up and we'll face a fiscal cliff. what changed from monday, obviously we had this election. this kind of fi
ceo threatens layoffs if president obama was reelected. now he is singing a very different tune. you won't belief what he really did. david siegel joins me to explain why. even when they say it's not it is always about money. melissa: and first, let's take a look at the day's market headlines. stocks squeaked out small gains following their biggest two-day decline for the year. concerns about the fiscal cliff still lingering but better than expected consumer sentiment gave a little optimism to investors. the dow closed up four points. groupon's shares nosedived more than 30% today. the daily deal site reported disappoint earnings on both of top and bottom line. the stock is down more than 86% from its $20 a share ipo price. >>> shares of kayak soared close to 28%. priceline.com announced it will acquire the on line travel site for $1.8 billion. it is their lucky day. >>> let the rationing begin. new york city and long island now imposing alternate day gas rationing, are you kidding me? 11 days after the storm slammed the east coast, giant gas lines continue to plague the region. new
president obama, not to visit the big apple after the storm. i say thank goodness. but one of my guests says bloomberg is way out of bounds. he is here to disagree with me. even when they say it's not, it is always about money. melissa: first after a two-day hiatus, let's look at market headlines. wall street swung back into gear on the first day of trading since superstorm sandy. stocks were choppy throughout the session. they closed mixed throughout the day. dow closed down 10 points. home depot closed higher on the dow. expected demand of home and construction suppli sent shares up 2%. that makes sense. facebook shares tumbled 4%. a lockup expired on 229 million shares today. another 804 million shares will become unlocked on november 14th. >>> lots of damage to assess. the president just spoke after touring new jersey with governor chris christie today. while super storm sandy continues on its path of destruction the area northeast of pittsburgh is the latest to get hit. leaving close to milli pennsylvania residents without power. joining me on the phone in a fox business exclusive is pe
to make sure. the united states will be with them. melissa: are we? >> president obama made a statement which any u.s. president would make, we're with you against hamas. he did not make a statement of who should go in. that is in the gray area. israelis are concerned, what would egypt do? we have a muslim brotherhood leader, will he actually actively support hamas or just verbally? also to be seen. melissa: you stay behind all of this iran has a hand in this as well. >> they have been there the last five or six days, there is a consensus amongst analysts that if the iranian regime has been pushing radical, they give them all the support to start showing on israel. they will be retaliating and of course hamas will retaliate. iran is under sanctions, you and i have discussed this for many weeks. i want to pay attention to the israeli conflict. the ally of iran is under tremendous pressure. they want to draw attention to the gaza conflict. melissa: we have to focus on the money angle. what we're looking at right here, we have invested in the iron dome. what does the world think of us inve
's -- >> compromise and obvious package, the question is, is president obama going to lead on that? melissa: why does you have to go first? couldn't you show him up and come up with a good proposal out of the gate? >> anybody could do that. it will simply not have the credibility, garner the attention without the president leading, that is number one. the number two, the reason he has to go first, he really pulled back in all previous negotiations when it fell apart about a year ago. republicans need to be convinced that he is game for this and he is open to this obvious compromise. republicans have made that step before. the republicans on the so-called super-committee, basically proposed a version of this beforr. melissa: but, don't you just look like obstructionists? seems like just from a negotiating standpoint, if you hop out there first and say we have come to the table with a solution, no matter what, the other side then is saying no, they look like they're the problem? so why not go first? >> well, i mean i think speaker boehner basically did that the day after the election. now obviously the
'm melissa francis here is what is "money" tonight. president obama descends on new york just as fema is running out of money. the agency says it will return about through all the its cash by the end of november. are we looking at another major taxpayer bailout? >>> plus the president has banned oil drilling off the atlantic coast but virginia says, no way. the state has a plan to sidestep the ban and tap huge reserves. i will speak to the virginia official leading the charge. >>> a group of millionaires sits down with top white house officials begging for their taxes to go up. one of them is here to explain it to me. even when they say it is not, it is always about money. melissa: first let's take a look at the day's market headlines. stocks recover from session lows but mixed economic data and fiscal cliff weigh the dow down for the sixth time in seven sessions wal-mart disappointed with third quarter earnings. target shares rose 2% after forecasting a bright outlook for the holiday season. >>> now to our top story. a possible bailout for fema. yes the federal emergency management a
have to be extremely careful how you do it because we've looked at the economics and run obama's plan through our economic model and found that for every dollar that it would increase in federal tax revenues it would rrduce gdp by $10. that is a very poor tradeoff as to have higher tax revenues but lower gdp and economic growth. that's not the direction that we want to head. if you're going to increase taxes we should do it through economic growth. that comes through smart tax policy, not dumb tax policy. melissa: but they always say, if you don't, the wealthy won't miss it. they will just pay a little bit more. it is fair their share. it will help close the gap. how do you respond to that? >> all of that money is locked up into productive activity whether in a business or the stock market or somewhere else. so the more that you tax that income, that means there's less investment, there's less for the business. there is less for hiring. it has to come from somewhere. it is not a costless exercise and ultimately that trickles down to workers through lower productivity and lower wages.
with you everywhere to access realtime aberration. you did not wait for barack obama you were refreshing twitter, listening to the radio, the weather channel, the dredge report. we access information we don't need the top down system to tell us what we learned an hour and a half ago. john: during the storm, all the young people in my house got an emergency warning a big storm is about to hit. [laughter] and has never been used successfully. 1971 they played the wrong taper cross september 11th it was not activated. it was testers -- tested a member 2011 but some people heard lady gaga because of the mistake. government incompetence they spend hundreds of millions of dollars but nobody says to get rid of it. >> government creep emergency response almost always better at the local level. if you know the sound of new york disaster relief and you are better informe than a federal system. john: they do. i will destroy things. and more erection myths. it is possible on tuesday that the president and vice president could be f john: now more e election myths. obama's director of research says po
'm melissa francis and here's what's "money" tonight. fiscal cliff negotiations between president obama and congress kick off. the pressure mounts for the gop to cave. so how far will they go to stand their ground? one republican senator is here with the answer. >>> plus an oil rig explodes in the gulf of mexico just one day after bp's record settlement for the 2010 gulf spill disaster. could it spark a new federal crackdown on gulf oil production? >> the day the twinkie died. hostess is closing its doors for good after failing to break a union labor strike. can the iconic brand still survive in the afterlife? the ceo of hostess will join us coming up. even when they say it's not it is always about twinkies. melissa: all right. first let's take a look at the day's market headlines. cautious optimism over today's fiscalliff negotiations put stocks in the green. the dow rose for just the second time since the election gaining 45 points. >>> shares of dell got hammered today. the computer-maker announced its third quarter profit dropped by nearly half while giving a cautious revenue outloo
president obama's budget by .7 of 1%? you're talking about is .7 of 1%. this argument is about .7 of 1%. why do we keep having this conversation instead after conversation about controlling spending, about really closing this gap or doing something else to really close this gap? i mean i just wonder why this conversation keeps coming to the fore instead of one that would solve the problem? to me it is about pitting people in this country against each other which is not going to get us anywhere. >> but, melissa, in the last year we cut a trillion dollars in spending. president obama is proposing cutting another $3 trillion in spending. we have not been able to agree on one dollar of revenue increases. that's the problem. and this rule is looking at what should be low-hanging fruit, an easy call and yet it is becoming a contentious issue. liz: only because it has become a contentious issue because democrats keep putting it out there to distract how big the gap really is and what it will take to really get there. christian, thanks so much for coming on. i always appreciate it. you make great po
melissa: i'm melissa francis and here's what's "money" tonight. president obama goes for broke, calling for $1.6 trillion, in new tax revenues. probably not what businesses want to hear. will this doubling down derail a deal on the fiscal cliff? >> plus a salary that is as good as gold. one montana lawmaker is demanding to get paid in gold coins. he is here to explain why in a fox business exclusive. >>> screw market prices. one gas station charges $3 more. $3 more per gallon than his nearby competitors. and it is is making a killing. the strategy is far more widespread than you might think. we have details on that coming up. even when they say it's not, it is always about money. melissa: all right. first the day's market headlines. a bad day for stocks just keeps getting worse. a news conference by president obama only amplified fears about the fiscal cliff and down to a 4-month low down 185 points. banks of america led the slide, closing down more than 3 1/2%. one bright spot, cisco shares surged 5% on an earnings beat. >>> now to our top story, president obama may be a betti
on the senate floor. you know, it is interesting when president obama was a senator and republicans were thinking about using this, he said, oh, no, it is terrible, it would destroy the institution and would hurt the country. same thing when senator biden was a senator spoke against it. when harry reid was in the minority he was against it. now they're in the majority. seems like a power play. i think you shouldn't break the rules which is only thing they can do, because they don't have votes to change the rules. you should not break the rules to changehe rules. melissa: from here it is so rd for us to tell how close we're getting to a deal or not. we have our own "money" meter which is scale one to money, what is likelihood a deal gets done. what do you think? what is the likelihood? >> i think it is closer to money than to your ds of winning the powerball but we're not done, we're not quite there yet. melissa: what do you think? ve it like a four? >> yeah. melissa: you think four? that is pretty likely we'll not go over the cliff and gesomething done? >> it will not happen soon. christ
to explain to americans, i know president obama's view and they understand that perfectly well and i thank you for your support. speak of militants fired rockets into israel, some landed not far from the city of jerusalem. another in a suburb and did some damage to an apartment house. southern israel hit by a barrage of rockets throughout the day. >> early this evening there was a large blast, rocket fired om gaza penetrated his apartment use. this is what is left of the bathroom. you can see the window destroyed. so the concrete shared off. take a look. or on the fifth floor. below me is the urth floor. the rocket made its way one floor below. miraculously nobody was injured. the occupants of this house made their way to a safe room and were protected from the explosion. for one of the owners of this home, he is an ambulance driver, a volunteer, and he was out tonit helping others. did you ever think this would happen to you? >> i went to help the others. no today, the missile finds me in my private home. >> so, melissa, it looks like effort to resolve this diplomatically continue, but th
Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22 (some duplicates have been removed)